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Here is What to Do If Your Child Has Been Injured at Daycare

What to Do if Your Child Has Been Injured at Daycare

There are around 8.2 million kids who spend at least part of their week in the care of someone else. The National Institute of Child Health Development found that a majority of daycare centers were rated as fair or poor, and only 10% provided high-quality care. Daycare is a necessity for many working families, and we want you to know what to do. Check out this guide from a Houston personal injury attorney. Before We Begin Before you enroll your child in a daycare, you should make sure that your child will be in a safe environment. The Texas Department… Read More

Experienced Auto Accident Attorneys in Texas

If you are a driver or passenger who has recently been involved in an auto accident in Texas, it is very important to know your rights and act upon them in a timely manner. It is important to know what to expect should you decide to file a claim for your injuries or for damage to your personal property. Car Accidents and Texas Law If you are involved in an accident in Texas that results in personal injury and intend to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver, there are several state laws that are important to know and understand…. Read More

What to Do After an Offshore Oil Rig Accident

Every job has its own risks, but there are some that can cause more danger than others. Perhaps one of the riskiest and most dangerous occupations today is working in an offshore oil rig. There are a lot of things that could go wrong when offshore oil rig accidents happen. Some of these include blowouts, explosions, gas leaks, equipment accidents, and toxic chemical exposure, among others. Since workers in offshore oil rigs are aware that they are taking a high-risk occupation, they should know what to do if they become involved in an offshore oil rig accident. What You Should… Read More

Steps in a Houston Truck or Boat Accident Claim

If you are involved in a truck or boating accident that causes damage or perhaps injuries to you and your passengers, filing a claim seems to be the natural first step. However, you must take certain steps for you to maximize the chances your claim will go through quickly. Here are some of the basic steps you must take in their proper order so you can get the just compensation you deserve. Report the Accident to the Authorities Any road accident that causes damage or injury must be reported to the police or authorities governing the waterways. This is a… Read More

Screening Checklist in a Houston Brain Injury Case

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) lawsuit is notably different from other malpractice/negligence cases mainly due the law community – both attorneys and judges – being unaware of the medical data specific to TBIs. The discovery phase of the suit is critical. You must have a neurologist affirm all points pertaining to how the injury occurred and how the injury directly affects yourself. Therefore, a thorough client interview must be conducted and a specific checklist must be submitted to be adequately prepared. The following steps serve as a guideline. Speaking To A Houston Brain Injury Attorney Make sure you are comfortable… Read More

Preparing With a Houston Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Working on an oil rig is one of the most dangerous occupations. There are many ways to seriously injure yourself, sometimes fatally. Falling from dangerous heights, encountering unsecured high pressure lines, and being in contact with flammable fluids are just a few of the always present dangers of working on an oil rig. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer an Houston Oil Rig injury while working in this high-risk field, there are certain steps you should take to ensure your compensation. Gather Information About Your Houston Oil Rig Injury Gather all information regarding the incident quickly. Immediately following an… Read More


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