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Preparing With a Houston Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Working on an oil rig is one of the most dangerous occupations. There are many ways to seriously injure yourself, sometimes fatally. Falling from dangerous heights, encountering unsecured high pressure lines, and being in contact with flammable fluids are just a few of the always present dangers of working on an oil rig. Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer an Houston Oil Rig injury while working in this high-risk field, there are certain steps you should take to ensure your compensation.

Gather Information About Your Houston Oil Rig Injury

Gather all information regarding the incident quickly. Immediately following an oil rig accident, you should inform your supervisor and then begin to gather information. Pictures are necessary, and you should document the accident with many photos from every all conceivable angles. Take pictures of both the injuries to your body and the surrounding circumstances causing the injury.

Get A Written Witness Statement

Witness statements are equally crucial. Find other workers willing to give a written statement of what they saw. Get as many as possible and encourage everyone to be as detailed as they can. Consistent details from several different people will help you in a winning case. Remember to also get contact information from your witnesses.

Write A Detailed Accident Summary

Write a detailed account of what happened. While others write an account of what they saw is necessary, it is equally imperative for you to do the same only in greater detail. Start with the beginning of your shift and be sure to include truthful details explaining exactly what you were doing. Emphasize that you were performing the job the way you had many times before. Be sure to include the date and approximate time the accident occurred.

Contact A Oil Rig Injury Attorney

Contact an attorney experienced in dealing with oil rig injuries. Drilling companies often take advantage of injured workers by telling them Worker’s Compensation is their only option. This is advice that is self-serving and false. However, to seek other avenues of compensation, it is extremely important to complete the steps already mentioned. Without witness statements and your own written account; you may be disqualified from other means of compensation.

Oil rig injuries unfortunately cause lifetime damage, but there are means of lifetime compensation. Worker’s Compensation will often not adequately cover all the cost of healthcare and lost income. An attorney can guide you down the confusing path of the personal injury law system and obtain the appropriate compensation. If the injury was due to negligence of another party and all the documentation mentioned in this guide is collected, a favorable outcome can be obtained. This can include substantial compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

Joyce Stamp Lily is the leading Houston Oil Rig Injury Attorney. For a free consultation about your Houston Offshore Injury case, please call (713) 759-6430.

October 8, 2016 2:20 pm
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