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What to Do After an Offshore Oil Rig Accident

Every job has its own risks, but there are some that can cause more danger
than others. Perhaps one of the riskiest and most dangerous occupations
today is working in an offshore oil rig. There are a lot of things that
could go wrong when offshore oil rig accidents happen. Some of these
include blowouts, explosions, gas leaks, equipment accidents, and toxic
chemical exposure, among others. Since workers in offshore oil rigs are
aware that they are taking a high-risk occupation, they should know what to
do if they become involved in an offshore oil rig accident.

What You Should Do After an Offshore Oil Rig Accident

If you become involved in an offshore oil rig accident, there are certain
actions that you must do in order to protect yourself mentally, medically,
and legally. Here are some of the things that you must accomplish as soon
as you get involved in an offshore oil rig accident:

  • Get medical attention immediately.

It is essential to get medical attention as soon as possible if you ever
get involved in an offshore oil rig accident. You may think that your
injuries are not severe, but you would not know for sure unless you seek
the help of a medical professional. While you are still at sea, approach
your onboard medical personnel for any injuries that require immediate

Once you arrive at the mainland, you may be transferred to the care of a
doctor of your supervisor’s choosing. When this happens, remember not to
say any information about the accident if it is not necessary for your
treatment. Anything you say may be used against you, so it is better to
keep the details to yourself to avoid such problems.

  • Write an accident report to your supervisor as soon as you can.

When it comes to accidents such as those involving offshore oil rigs, there
are many things to consider. If you have been injured, your employer likely
will send you to physicians of their choosing, this may not always be the
best choice for you. Although you may think that other people may report
the objective truth, and that your employer will do what is best for you,
the fear of repercussions might push other workers to put the blame on
others, including you.

To prevent this from happening, report the accident telling what happened
if you remember. If you have trouble remembering or are having problems
documenting anything, mention that in the report, if you can. Explain what
you were doing if you remember, during the accident.

Write what conditions were surrounding the accident and the tools and
equipment involved. Mention the injuries you acquired if you can, and the
treatment you received, if you remember.

After minor or major offshore oil rig accidents, it is common for other
people to seek more details about the event. Your friends, co-workers, or
family might all mean well. However, a wrong comment or the simple act of
miscommunication may work against you in the future. Try to be sure that
you are being as consistent as possible when it comes to relying details.

Be careful of any documents that you may be asked to sign. Your employer
might give you lots of papers to sign after the accident has occurred.
Although it may seem preferable to just get over the accident as quickly as
possible, it is better if you read those papers and seek the help of an
attorney. That way, you can be sure that no one is trapping you into
admitting something you did not do, or into accepting some type of
settlement that may be inadequate for the injuries that you have accrued.

Seek the Help of Experienced Lawyers after an Offshore Oil Rig Accident

After becoming involved in an offshore oil rig accident, approach a lawyer
with sufficient background in such cases immediately. There are laws that
were made in order to protect workers and an experienced lawyer will be
knowledgeable about this and can assist you in protecting your rights. Do
not hesitate seeking legal representation. Call Joyce Contact Houston Injury Attorney Joyce Lilly. 713-759-6430.

June 20, 2017 6:51 am
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