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Bringing Clinical Experience to Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawyers seeking relief for their clients in Houston, Texas have a capable legal partner in Joyce Stamp Lilly, R.N., J.D., P.C., Attorney at Law.

Attorney Lilly has brought her years of experience as a health care professional coupled with her distinguished career as a personal injury attorney to a number of successful joint efforts with other personal injury lawyers. Pooling the expertise of experienced professionals delivers positive results for clients. This arrangement does not increase your attorney fees in any way. Contact Attorney Lilly today for a free consultation.

Joyce Stamp Lilly, R.N., J.D., P.C.

Many injury and medical malpractice lawyers in Texas welcome teamwork of this nature with Attorney Lilly when dealing with detailed medical facts that are part of most of their clients’ cases. Joyce Stamp Lilly offers:

  • The caring demeanor of a Registered Nurse which injured clients or families of victims find comforting;
  • An educated and experienced understanding of the nature of clients’ injuries, their likely prognosis for treatment, lasting disabilities that are likely to ensue,  and other special needs of the clients as patients;
  • A health care professional’s knowledge of Standards of care;
  • A comprehensive network of accessible health care professionals who are well qualified to provide additional expert opinions when necessary;
  • In-depth, interactive knowledge of both nursing and the law as reflected in a history of continuing education presentations that she has made to nursing professionals about the legal world, and to legal professionals about the world of medical care, as well as active participation in many professional nursing and legal organizations.

Texas Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Litigation

As a result of her highly developed interpersonal skills and her dedication to a knowledge-based application of law to the medical field, and medical knowledge to the legal field, Joyce Stamp Lilly, nurse and lawyer, excels at working in tandem with personal injury legal counsel who welcome her partnership in developing compelling cases as well as providing comprehensive, well-rounded service geared toward their clients’ overall needs.

Joyce Stamp Lilly, R.N., J.D., welcomes inquiries from personal injury lawyers as well as from victims of accident injuries or their families, including families who have lost a loved one as a result of the negligence of other parties. Call her to request a free consultation about your catastrophic injury or wrongful death of a loved one resulting from an auto accident, doctor or nursing negligence, or other tragic, preventable events. Call (713) 759 6430


"She was always ready to explain things, answer questions. Did a great job for me. Truly a helpful Houston personal injury lawyer."

- Mark, Beaumont

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