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Screening Checklist in a Houston Brain Injury Case

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) lawsuit is notably different from other malpractice/negligence cases mainly due the law community – both attorneys and judges – being unaware of the medical data specific to TBIs. The discovery phase of the suit is critical. You must have a neurologist affirm all points pertaining to how the injury occurred and how the injury directly affects yourself. Therefore, a thorough client interview must be conducted and a specific checklist must be submitted to be adequately prepared. The following steps serve as a guideline.

Speaking To A Houston Brain Injury Attorney

Make sure you are comfortable speaking to your attorney about your condition. You will need to provide specific details relating to your brain injury. Provide details about the date, time, place, and circumstances surrounding the accident. All the above can be evidence confirming a TBI has occurred.

Screening Before a Houston Brain Injury Case

Most important is the 23-8 checklist. Take your time while asking the following questions, break them up into separate sessions, or change topics every now and then if needed.

23-8 Houston Brain Injury Checklist

• Do you remember exactly what happened before, during and after the event or is there some time missing – i.e., is there any period of amnesia?
• What do you remember immediately before the accident?
• What do you remember immediately after the accident?
• Did you lose consciousness at the time of the occurrence or any time since it?
• Are you currently experiencing headaches?
• Did you have have what could be construed as an “alteration of consciousness”? This is what is required to sustain a concussion, which is a mild TBI.
• Did you have any symptoms of nausea or vomiting with 48 hours of the occurrence? Again, this is a sign of a concussion.
• Did you have problems with concentration?
• Did you have problems with employment-related duties since the occurrence?
• Did you have sleep disturbances since the occurrence?
• Did any passenger, family member or post-occurrence witness tell you that you were unconscious or foggy at any time following the occurrence?
• Did you experience any problems with speech following the occurrence?
• Did you or any family member recall (did anyone write down) what any treating doctor told them about injuries?
• Did you ever have prior similar symptoms?
• Were you ever involved in any prior event in which you sustained an alteration in consciousness or diagnosis of TBI?

After going through the checklist, it is recommended to notice of any of the following symptoms as the defense commonly uses them in TBI cases. Pay attention to any pre-morbid emotional problems, psychological or educational problems, mental health issues, alcohol or drug problems, and documented learning disabilities.

Seek the advice of a Houston Brain Injury lawyer immediately before you run out of time to make your claim. For a free Houston Brain Injury case consultation, call (713) 759-6430.

December 8, 2016 12:33 pm
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