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Steps in a Houston Nurse Malpractice Case

A nurse can be sued individually for malpractice if they are a private contractor working for a home health care company. The healthcare company may be legally liable as well.

Additionally, in a hospital setting, a nurse may be blamed for any negligence. Ultimately, however, the hospital would be at fault. If a nurse has caused you harm or neglect during treatment during a hospital stay or at home, it is very important to take certain measures.

Get A Detailed Houston Nurse Malpractice Report

The first step is to get write a detailed report of the harm caused and include any relevant pictures showing such harm. Make sure your account is accurate and as detailed as it can possibly be. For example, if a nurse failed to change a bandage leading to an infection, document the last time the bandage was changed and how long you went before the wound was re-examined.

Next, describe in detail the treatment you had to endure as part of the infection and how much money you were billed. Make sure to include all dates and times.

Is Your Nurse Licensed?

Find out as much as you can about the nurse as you can. What is his or her full name? How long has he or she been working for the hospital or home health care company you were treated by? How long has he or she been working as a nurse? Is his or her license up to date? Other things such as a criminal background can be found by your lawyer. It is best to submit as much information as possible before you contact an attorney.

Research Your State’s Statute of Limitations

Do not delay as time is of the upmost importance. If you were caused undue harm by negligence, you are entitled to sue. You should not be responsible for the bill or suffering caused by any negligence.

It is imperative to decide at the time the incident occurs if you will take action. This will ensure that the incident falls within the Statute of Limitations. The Statue of Limitations varies from state to state. It can be as short as 12 months but is generally 3 years. Even so, if you wait up to a year past the date of the incident, it makes the case that much more difficult to win.

Examples of Nurse Negligence

You are entitled to 5-star treatment when entering a hospital or employing a home health care nurse. Anything less can be grounds for a Nurse Negligence lawsuit.

Examples of negligent actions often committed by nurses include:

  • Incorrectly monitoring patients at appropriate time intervals
  • Making a mistake in diet or neglecting to administer food through a feeding tube
  • Administering the wrong medication or the correct medication at the wrong time
  • Failure to change bandages or dressings
  • Checking medical equipment, the patient is hooked up to is functioning properly
  • Failure to respond to patients call for assistance
  • Failure to take vital signs at appropriate intervals
  • Failure to write down observations on the patient’s chart
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